Newsletter Articles Archive January: Character of K’ Road – Stella Moughan/Callisto

Character of K' Road – Stella Moughan/Callisto

Stella Moughan – stage name Stella Callisto - is totally passionate about helping ensure queer night life exists and thrives in all its forms.

Stella talks to KBA about what she does, why she does it and why she loves it!

“I am a female drag performer. I love throwing pageants and performing. Although I'm not a traditional drag queen, I get a lot of support and that means a lot."

How would you describe yourself?

I consider myself a personality. I love wearing attention grabbing looks, creating a scene and being outgoing. There is also a lot of enjoyment for me in working behind the scenes to create events.

What is your connection to K' Road?

K Road is my second home because this is where the queer night life lives. I can be found out and about most weekends wearing extravagant costuming, performing, visiting or running events. I can't envisage a time where I am not involved with the community and people I love.

What are some of the events you are involved in on K' Road?

Recently I have been working in conjunction with K' Road Business Association as an event manager for the Pride season.

One of these events is an exhibition called Disco Art House. Put together by Disco Bloodbath, it features the best of our performance artists as well as freestanding displays in the arcade. It's going to be a great and we are all really looking forward to it.

I also do lots of events for Family Bar and Club - the biggest gay venue in Auckland - where they have welcomed me with open arms.

How did you get involved in drag and pageantry?

I was living in Palmerston North working in a job I hated and feeling a bit disconnected and unsure of my pathway forward. I started a new job and on day one I met fellow trainee Lola Blades, or Logan as he was known in the office. We clicked instantly and quickly became friends. His passion was drag, and he was so immersed that I couldn't help but become interested too.

After I attended a local show I realised I wanted to get involved. I started out as a fan but before long I was shopping for wigs online and practicing make-up.

Soon after we made the decision with friend and fellow drag queen Medulla Oblongata to move to Auckland. It's been three years and no regrets.

We came into the K' Road scene at a really exciting time. My friend Frankie was setting up an alternative nightlife event for drag queens and burlesque called Disco Bloodbath. I loved the energy of it and quickly became involved, helping to run it when she went overseas.

How do you put your costumes together?

I love putting looks together. I base looks around a theme, or an interesting item or colour. I like to have a very versatile style.

I have been lucky to have costume dreams come to life by incredibly costume designers. I try to have fun with it. I get lots of little bits and pieces

at op-shops or online and spend hours thinking how to style things, sticking rhinestones on or planning makeup.

Why drag?

Drag is something you do because you love it. I spend more money than I make but for me it is my one creative outlet. Also, the events provide a space where we come together and share experiences and ideas and we have strong connections to each other.

You also study?

Yes, psychology - I'm enrolled to do my Masters this coming year. I was always attracted to psychology for the same reason I think most people are - they want to understand themselves better. I think an academic life as a researcher would suit me well, but I am also very much about taking things as they come and taking on opportunities.

One of your best moments?

Last year I was able to help produce a drag king pageant, the first one at Family. It was a great step to have a space for women and lesbian/queer women as I identify. It is my hope that we can continue to foster events that include a diverse range of people from the community.