Newsletter Articles Archive January: Final Word

Final Word

A terrific array of events and a number of exciting new businesses are creating great profile for K' Road as we head into 2018.

The Auckland Pride Festival has been embraced by K' Road where we are busy hosting a large share of the Pride events with enthusiasm and energy. Rainbow flags are flying everywhere along K' Road and visitors are coming from all over Auckland to attend events, a number of which have been noted in this newsletter.

The Myers Park Medley will offer terrific fun for all, with lots of family entertainment, on Sunday 18 February 2018 and the Chinese New Year Lantern Festival early March at the Auckland Domain will bring increased foot traffic through the strip as people find their way to the Domain. Be ready for the crowds!

K' Road East is the place to watch this year with Regus, a shared office space, opening up and Tesla promising to be with us some time before mid-year.

KBA is still working hard at lobbying Auckland Transport to ensure KBA business representation. We know it is important that the voice of the businesses and community is heard in the lead up to the street upgrade and cycle lane project. AT are promising more details regarding the project within the next few days and we'll update you once we receive this information.

We're delighted to encourage you all to make the most of the Business Pac we have negotiated for KBA members that includes free social media training, free business mentoring for one year and a one year membership to the Auckland Chamber of Commerce. Make the most of this opportunity to reflect and refine on what you're doing and take your businesses to the next level.

As always, we are totally reliant on your views and contributions so if you have ideas, issues, or thoughts on what you want to contribute to the area, come to see us in the office as our wonderful team are keen to hear from all members and locals.

Michael Richardson
Precinct Manager
K' Road Business Association