Newsletter Articles Archive November: K' Road Characters - Alison Reid


“K' Road is about the people… the people that shop, the people that have shops, the people that make things, the people that throw out things, the people that just drift through unsure of their journeys …" says Alison Reid, co-owner of quirky Search and Destroy and The Cross Street Market.

How long have you been in K' Road?

I arrived in 2009.

How did you end up setting up business in K' Road?

I was raised in Patoka in the remote backblocks of Hawkes Bay. I ran away to Auckland in the 90s to join Auckland Theatre Company where I stayed until finding a shop space in St Kevin's Arcade where I started selling all the junk and pottery I had accumulated from years of working for the theatre. After several incarnations of various junk, pottery, furniture and denim scenarios, my partner Tony and I moved Search & Destroy in August 2016 to No. 2 Cross Street.

What do you sell and why?

Well, I began selling Crown Lynn and furniture and then somehow accidentally switched to selling denim and workwear. I love it because I get to find treasures every day in strange places all over New Zealand and I get to hang out with people who catch the same drift.

What is it about K' Road that keeps you here?

There is an intangible energy and feeling that calls to your inner artistic soul on K' Road and being named The Crazy Cat Lady even though it was more about my hairstyle than owning several cats seemed to make entirely perfect sense here.

How do you see the future of K' Road?

Forever changing and forever hopeful, and if it didn't change it would be stagnate and boring so I always feel positive about new things happening.