First Thursdays

FT 7 May


Sci-fi Thursday on Planet K Road

Beam me up to Planet K Rd! On Thursday 7th May, K Rd and surrounds will transform into a new planet, complete with monster experiments, Science Friction street performances, Cyborg style cooking served by Robo Dolls, extra-terrest-aerial displays and a chance to party in a space station.May the force be with you!



Queen Street Corners

Waikare on Q 536 Queen St Level 3 Maori Sci Fi Stories on screen. Pop on up to Waikare on Q and enjoy some of the Maori Sci Fi Stories and sit with cartoonist Norooa Te Hira who will help you draw spaceships and aliens. Encounters - Te Tu Taki The artists’ works have come from an encounter that has helped shaped them in their lives as people and also as artists: An “encounter” that has marked them. So from this place we paint/design …. leading others, we hope, into the same “encounter”.

Wooden Board Kitchen 4 Upper Queen St Sci-fi themed music and our friendly staff will be wearing sci-fi costume. The onion dip dog - Buttermilk chicken tender, paprika mayo on ficelle bread - braised beef cheeks, coriander, peanut, sweet chilli on ficelle bread; food and imported beer/ house wine $20.

Vintage T-Shirts 8 Upper Queen St Alien objects of interest or desire and the weird world of fantasy T Shirts.

Anna Miles Gallery 10/30 Upper Queen St (apartment up driveway at back left) Vita Cochran, Her Abstracts Vita’s exhibition is of five new bags including a fabulous clutch. She is a brilliant bag maker, stitcher and embroiderer formerly based in Christchurch, now living in Sydney. Barbara Tuck, Orients and Mortals Each year she has made autumnal trips to wild places before returning to her studio to distil these experiences in painterly form. Over this period, she has partaken of a geological and vegetative feast: Ancient Kahikatea trees in fruit, an Ice Age bog lake, tarns and alpine meadows, limestone escarpments and caves, black waters, gorges, rocky outcrops, wetlands and braided rivers.

Along K Rd

Revel Café 146 K Road Cyborg food specialities with cybernetic drinks served by the Robo Dolls and set in a retro world.

Monster Threads 161 K Road When good experiments go bad! “Monster Valley is back at their almost namesake Monster Threads to test out their Sci-Fi credentials and try out a few experiments of their own. They always go well right…?”

The Bread and Butter Letter 225 K Road Twilight Zone Movie Lounge Get the chills or chill out in our relax zone basement while watching retro sci-fi movies.

Ironbank 150 K Rd

Ironbar Cafe in the Ironbank Courtyard Dementerprise Experience The Wonder Of Life On Board A Spaceship! Then Lose Yourself In Our Intergalactic Disco With DJs Salina Pearl, Andy Vann, Rowie, Big Stuff, Ferksta, Tim Costar On Tambo, Levani On Percussion, Interstellar DJ/ VJ Set By Smiles Davis And Capture Yourself Amongst The Fun In Our Photo Booth That Is Out Of This World. Get Ready To Be Teleported To Another Dimension Of Music, Light, Visual And Sound.

Biz Dojo Co.Space Suite 108 Black Magic Phantasy Cleo Barnett, Cinzah, Dirk Peterson , Erin Forsyth, Holli McEntegart, Rachel Jane Liebert, Xoe Hall The one who watches, the one who whispers in a slither of serpents. Something is trying to tell me. That voice at the edge of things… I tremble before the animal, the alien, the subor supra-human, the me that has something in common with the wind and the trees and the rocks. Gloria Evangelina Anzaldú

St Kevin’s Arcade 179 K Rd

Alleluya Café & Bar Glory Days Costume Competition Retro sci-fi costume competition hosted by Glory Days. Do you fancy channelling Barbarella or Buck Rogers for the evening? Bring your best dress-up game to St Kevin’s Arcade to win prizes for your retro science fiction costuming efforts and groove the night away to the intergalactic retro soundscape of DJ Netti Page.

The Spaced Out Market Featuring a stellar selection of hand-made crafts, prints, treasures and treats the Spaced Out Market is sure to leave you stocked with the finest space delights money can buy! CASH ONLY!

Sew Love Tea Do We Are All Stardust Take some time out to get glitter under your nails. BYO black leggings to Sew Love and add some dreamy sparkles with sequins, stars, neon and glitter. Don’t forget to wish upon your shooting stars.

Honeytrap Get “Lost in Space” at Honeytrap as the team serve Sci-Fi inspired cocktails, food and sweets. Think Moon cakes; Shooting star shots; and boxed space-craft dinner sets!

Planet Home Sci-fi movie posters and books at The Green Dolphin and out-of-this-world hand-printed linens ON SALE at Front Room Fabrics.

Cross Street & Mercury Lane

Millers Coffee 31 Cross St The classics will be on offer: espresso, music, and the roastery’s famous hospitality. Just remember Funk is your Friend

2A Cross St From Sylons to Nylons garage sale.

Absolutely Trashed 21 Mercury Lane Absolutely Outer Space Market Place We will be open (crazy right). But not only will the door be wide open but we are having a huge market eve with cheap as clothes, and books, music and cosmic punch. Projection made by Phil Dibley and ceramics crafted by Olivia Jensen. So come drink, hang and shop because who knows when that door will open again.

Cross Street Arcade 214 K Rd

Pop Up Arcade Pop-Up Arcade lands on a dangerous planet full of strange artefacts and alien video games.

La Gonda Arcade 203 K Road

Inky Palms Launch Party We are pleased to announce the opening of K Road’s freshest new gallery, studio, and print shop: Inky Palms. To celebrate the opening Inky Palms will host live tunes from Wellington musician, Skymning, along with 10 local artists showing a variety of prints, stickers, patches, shirts and much more.

Work I Shop ‘A Message to the Universe’ An interactive visual installation of suspended planets, galactic lighting and your message to the universe in the La Gonda Arcade, 203 Karangahape Road.

Beresford Square & Pitt St

Beresford Square hosts Live Music Beresford Square Winebar, The Station Bar & The Wingman The Station Bar will be turning into The Space Station for the evening (watch out for the Starship Enterprise). We will have special NZ craft beers for the night - such as Garage Projects Venusian Pale Ale (Brewed for Weta’s Dr Grordbort’s exhibition) and UFO Bagel Sliders. Special Spocktails will also be created for the evening. The Wingman is offering Martian angry prawns, fish tacos, pulled pork burger, cajun fries, Saturn onion rings, flamed grilled meatballs with tomato concasse.

Red Bar 57 Pitt Street See you at Venus! Come space travel with the visuals and the extraterrestrial tunes by Audit and Future One. Food, cocktails and characters out of this world.

The Audio Foundation 4 Poynton Terrace Future Hotel – performance 7pm A performance escapade,followed by bits and pieces that hang around afterwards. Be part of the performance from and/or part of the remnants anytime afterwards. Future Hotel is a network of artists whose acts of public intervention alter all known futures. By actively subverting the present, they create a dynamic void that unexpected futures may fall into.

The West End

Peach Pit 352 K Rd The Fifth Element and opera

Rockies 454 K Rd A street front window, our gallery is ‘open’ (visible) 24/7. Artist: Nicola Verdon exhibiting ‘Range’.

Lifewise Merge Cafe 453 K Rd Retro Sci-Fi Movie Screening Forbidden Planet 1956. A starship crew goes to investigate the silence of a planet’s colony only to find two survivors and a deadly secret that one of them has. Director: F M. Wilcox. Try galactic delicacies from the chef. FREE Coffee & Tea and movie. With a goal to end homelessness in Auckland, every dollar generated by Merge goes towards housing homeless people.

TÜR 486 K Rd A night of sci-fi soundscape appreciation specialization, from the BBC radiophonic workshop to the latest Hollywood sound design, with Kraus, Chronic Fatigue Sindrome and more.

The Keep 504 K Rd Journey along the Astral Plain

Global Visas 501 K Rd, corner Hereford St Extra Terrestrial Dance & Acrobatics Come along for free information on all Visas options to live and work in the UK including specific visa for those in the creative industries. Enjoy a few space bubbles with yummy alien snacks.

Whitespace 12 Crummer Rd Meet the Artist - Jack Trolove Jack’s work involves poetic explorations of gender, power, desire and memory - often through examining at pakeha relationships and responsibilities to colonisation. He is looking forward to sharing his thoughts and his work in person

On the Street

Quick Draw Intergalactic Sketch Gang Drawing your space cadet faces and interpreting your alien other throughout the night, $5 for a priceless original portrait by one of our talented, other-worldly illustrators

Science Friction Auckland’s first Roller Derby team the Pirate City Rollers will be generating some serious science friction by skating up and down the street all evening.

Sci Fi Second Line The Superhero Secondline are transforming into the Sci Fi Second Line for just one night and will bring their unique sounds to the K Rd streets, complete with trumpets, drums and a

Prepare by visiting these stores

100s of Science Fiction items in stock

Real Groovy 438 Queen St Open till 9pm on Thursdays Auckland’s most famous record store has been around for 34 years and stocks DVDs, books, CDs, LPs and Playstation Games: Gattaca, The Fifth Element, 2001 A Space Odyssey, Android Apocalypse, Star Trek, Lost in Space, Inception, Red Dwarf, Dr Who, Andromeda, Tron, Matrix, Dune and ……

Heroes for Sale 582 K Rd Open till 7pm on Thursdays Serving the Auckland and New Zealand comic scene since 1995. It is New Zealand’s largest comic book store and stocks action figures, toys and models, novelties, books and graphic novels: X Files, Star Wars, US Judge Dredd, The Twilight Zone, The Woods, Voltron, Akira, Angry Birds Transformers, Aliens, Assassins Creed, Atomic Robo, Barbarella and……

1st of May 2014

30+ events across 20 venues live music, exhibitions, live painting, amazing markets, handmade treasures, on street music and djs, art sound and light installations, workshops, 100+ local artists taking part in this event

We were so excited for the Autumn of Love. K Road returned to the glory days of the Sixties for a First Thursdays celebrating all that was mod, jazzy and snazzy. But because this is K Road, we were all about celebrating the hippies and the rockers too!