Symonds Street Cemetery: Archibald Clark (1805 – 1875)

1st Mayor of Auckland

1851 Auckland MP 1860 Auckland East 1861-1870 Franklin 1871-1874 Member of Auckland Provincial Council 1867-68

Archibald Clark was a prominent draper and importer in early Auckland.

In 1851 the Governor Sir George Grey promoted Auckland to being a city.

The legality of his proclamation was contested by the Colonial Office and the New Zealand Parliament and eventually overturned.

Clark’s election as Mayor was thus nullified. Auckland was placed under the care of a Board of Governors until becoming a City again in 1871 when Philip Phillips became the “second” First Mayor Clark died on 17 October 1875 at his residence in Remuera, he was buried in the Symonds Street Cemetery three days later.

Clark’s son, James McCosh Clark was Mayor of Auckland in the 1870s. He erected a large Gothic Monument to his father in the south-east corner of the Presbytarian sector.

Several members of Archibald Clark family are buried with him including his wife.