Grafton Bridge: Arthur Mielziner Myers


Arthur Mielziner Myers

19 May 1868 – 9 Oct 1926

Born in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Myers was the child of Louis Myers and Catherine Ehrenfried.

Following the death of his father in 1870, his mother moved to Wellington, New Zealand. His main sporting interests were rowing and swimming

Myers entered the employment of his uncle Louis Ehrenfried whose Brewery merged with that of John Logan Campbell in 1897 to form Campbell & Ehrenfried

Following the death of his uncle, Myers became Managing Director of the new firm.

In 1903 he married Vera Anita Levy in London, returning to New Zealand, his wife became a well-known hostess and patron of the local cultural scene. She encouraged Myers to run for public office.

Active in the volunteer defence movement, Myers served as major in the 1st Battalion Auckland Infantry Volunteers and as commanding officer, with the rank of lieutenant colonel, of the New Zealand Forces Motor Service Corps

As Mayor of Auckland 1905-1909 Myers lent his support and financial ability to the realisation of many projects some of which he initiated himself .

Many of these only came to fruition after he had left office to become an MP.

These include ~

The Destructor ~ 1905

Municipal rubbish Incinerator -now Victoria Park Market-

Waitakere Dams 1905

Westfield Municipal Abattoir 1909 formerly in Freemans Bay

Grafton Bridge 1910

New Town Hall 1911

Victoria Park 1912

Myers Park 1913

Myers Free Kindergarten 1915

In 1909 Myers resigned as Mayor and was elected Member of Parliament for Auckland Central instead.

He had a distinguished political career in central Government.

In 1912 he held the important portfolios of Finance, Defence and Railways, while also being involved in the Tax Department.

During the Wartime Colilition Government he served as Minister of Customs, Minister in charge of Munitions & Supplies, Pensions, Advertising and National Provident Fund.

When Prime Minister Massey was briefly absent at a conference in Australia Myers was acting Prime Minister.

In 1921 he resigned and he and his wife went to live in London. In 1924 he was knighted for services to his country. He died in London in 1926.

He was survived by his wife and three children.

Vera Anita Levy OBE 1919

b.1880 - d.1965

Eileene Zoe b.1904

Kenneth b.1907 d.1998

Barbara b.1911