Symonds Street Cemetery: Baron Charles Philippe Hippolyte de Thierry

Charles Philippe Hippolyte de Thierry

King of Nikuhiva

De Theirry was born in the Netherlands of French parents, they probably emigrated to England around the time of the French Revolution and Charles was educated in England.

In 1815 he had charmed the Congress of Vienna with his violin playing; in 1864 he died in Auckland, a poor music teacher.

After attending both Oxford and Cambridge Universities he traveled in North America and the Caribbean before arriving in the South pacific in 1835.

De Theirry had attempted to establish his own sovereign state in the New Hebrides when he proclaimed himself King of Nikuhiva.

In New Zealand he attempted to do the same thing in the period just before British annexation.

His planned settlement at t Hokianga was unsuccessful as the local Maori chiefs rejected his claims, but he was allowed to settle there.

De Thierry continued to agitate for a French colony led by himself, but this activity was curtailed by the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840.

Charles De Thierry subsequently moved his family to Auckland - there he survived as a piano teacher until his sudden death on 8 July 1864 at the age of 71.

Perhaps surprisingly he was buried in the Anglican section along with several members of his family.


Baron Charles Philip Hippolytus De Thierry 1793-1864

Baroness Emilie Mary de Thierry (nee Rudge) 1791-1856

Baron Charles Thomas Frederick De Thierry b. 1820 Cambridge England d. 4 Aug 1897 Auckland

Baroness Mary Nye De Thierry d.1869

John William De Thierry b. 10 Sept 1830 Baltimore d. 17 Feb 1863 Auckland

Baron Richard Louis Francis James De Thierry b. 1821 Cambridge England d. 31 Jan 1890 Auckland

Emilie Mary Burgess 1882

Isabella Caroline Louisa Emily De Thierry b. 3 January 1828 New York d. 17 March 1850 Auckland

Isabella Margaret Broadfoot d. 14 January 1912

Charles Richard De Thierry 1913 Grandson

Baron Frederick James De Thierry d.21 May 1931 Grandson

Their graves were disturbed by the motorway and their remains are enclosed in the general Anglican Memorial.

One member of the family was buried in Thames.

George De Theirry b. 1825 Paris France was buried at Shortland Thames 1878