Baptist Tabernacle: Charles Blomfield

Charles Blomfield


An Elder of the Auckland Baptist Congregation, Blomfield was a noted landscape painter and decorative artist.

He is, perhaps, best known for his views of the Pink and White Terraces.

Blomfield rented space along K road for studio space and showrooms.

Blomfield had married his wife Ellen Wild in the Baptist chapel in Wellesley Street in 1874. They lived in Ponsonby and were to have seven children.

Charles and Ellen Blomfield were both interested in their church work and helped Thomas Spurgeon to build the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle.

Charles and his brother Samuel painted the neo-greek detailing on the ceiling of the main room - this is the only decoration in an otherwise quite austere interior.

Blomfield also painted the text


in the alcove behind the lectern desk

This was removed in 1913 when the installation of the Pipe organ required the reshaping of the alcove from a semi-circular niche to a square shape.

Charles Blomfield died on March the 26th 1926 and is buried at Hillsborough Cemetery.