Partingtons Mill: Charles Frederick Partington

Charles Frederick Partington

Partington was from Oxford in England. He arrived in Sydney in August 1841 accompanied by his father George and two of his three brothers.

In Sydney Partington worked as a carpenter.

By the end of 1842 Partington had arrived in Auckland, and was living in Chancery Street. In sebsequent years the other members of his family joined him.

By 1845 Charles Partington was working as a carpenter in Mechanic’s Bay which was also the location of Low & Motion’s flour mill.

Joseph Low owned a windmill in Epsom which had been built for him in 1844 by the architect William Mason.

In June 1847 Charles Partington entered into a partnership with John Bycroft, taking over the Epsom Mill.

In 1850 he built the Symonds Street Windmill which remained in his possession until his death in January 1877 when his estate was inherited by his wife.

Charle Frederick Partington had married Francis Johnston in 1845; they had several children, many of whom are buried with them in the Symonds Street Cemetery:

Three brothers all died within one month of each other in 1854 -

William Partington 23-9-54 aged 4 yrs

Thomas Partington 15-10-54 aged 1 yr 8mths

Henry Partington 22-10-54 aged 3 yrs.

Joseph Partington who took over the business after his father’s death and who died in 1941.

Maria Partington, (d 1938 aged 93) a skilled artist who married a kauri timber merchant David Goldie (three times Mayor of Auckland), their son Charles is the well known painter.

Edward Partington - Died in 1930 aged 74. Manager of the Morrinsville Creamery having previously run a Flour Mill at Te Rore, Piroungia.

William Henry Partington (8th Dec 1854 - 22nd July 1940).

Now considered one of New Zealand’s most interesting photographers noted for his images of Maori: His wife Mary Jane Goldie was the sister of David Goldie - she died in 1930 aged 81.

In August 1877, the remains of the Partington estate was transferred to two of the sons, Charles Frederick and Edward Partington.

Charles and Edward, trading as Partington Brothers, restarted the mill at Symonds Street sometime soon after August 1877. Eventually however Joseph took over the symonds Street business.