Grafton Bridge: Charles Grey


Charles Grey Mayor 1909-1910

Following the Offical Speeches the bridge was opened by the Mayor’s wife.

Mrs Grey did so by cutting the ribbon in the presence of a large crowd which included Lord Plunket, the Prime Minister Joseph Ward, Mr & Mrs Arthur Myers, the Mayor elect Lemuel Bagnell, City Engineer

W.E.Bush, the Directors of the Ferroro-Concrete Company of Australasia, Charles Rosegger and, of course, her husband the Mayor of Auckland.

Charles Grey was only Mayor for one year, but that was not unusual at the time it was only years later that the current 3 year term for Mayors was introduced.

Charles and Fanny Grey lived in Avondale in a house called “Banwell” which had been purchased by Charles’ father in 1879.

Charles Grey died in 1925, Fanny died in the 1950s.

Charles Grey was the Chairman of the Grey & Menzies Soft Drink Company [formed 1902] which had been founded by his late father, John Grey as John Grey & Sons.

The Grey & Menzies bottling plant was located in Eden Crescent, where a natural spring still discharges pure spring water to this day..

It is perhaps ironic but also fitting that Myers, a Beer magnate was succeeded by Grey, a manufacturer of non-alcoholic drinks. The temperance movement was very strong in new Zealand at the beginning of the

20th century.

The company was absorbed into Dominion Breweries in 1960 who continued to use the Grey and Menzies name. When DB was aquired by Schweppes Ltd, the Grey & Menzies company re-emerged as Contract

Bottlers Limited.