Partingtons Mill: Joseph Partington

Joseph Partington

1851 - 1941

Joseph eventually took over the running of the Symonds Street Windmill after Charles Partingtons death in 1877 following a legal battle between him and his brothers.

In 1911 he travelled to Britain to buy replacement parts for the Mill.

However due to the increased height of the surrounding buildings the Windmill’s sails could not receive enough wind so Joseph neede to install a Gas Engine to keep the machinery working.

In 1916 he was compelled to raise the height of the Windmill by an extra story to allow the sails to capture the wind.

In 1924 a tremendous storm damaged the sails and in 1931 the structure was gutted by fire.

In 1936, the Metropolitan Fire Board was searching for the site of a new Central Fire Station and considered the mill site as eminently suitable.

Joseph Partington announced that he had made out his will to bequeath the Windmill to the City Council for “the free enjoyment of the Citizens of Auckland for ever” but when he died in 1941 no will could be located and the site was eventually sold on behalf of the beneficiaries.