Timeline of K Road: The Beginning of K Road

The Beginning

Wanting to be safe guarded from attack from other Maori tribes the Chiefs of the Ngati Whatua encouraged Hobson to site the Capital on the Tamaki Isthmus.

During a meeting at Okahu, about 1780, a tohunga, Titai, had recited a prophecy:

He aka te ha e wawara mai He tiu, he raki, Naua I u mai to pupup terakihi kiuta & tikina atu e au te kotiu Koi ate pou Whakairo Kat u ki Waitamataa I aku wairangi e

What is the wind that softly blows? It is the wind of the Northwest, of the North. That drives the Nautilus [ship] on our shore. If I bring from the north The handsome carved post And place it here in Waitamata My dream will be fulfilled.

“they took the post to the Governor, so they went to the Bay of Islands and invited Hobson to settle. He decided to set up his Capital here [Auckland] and purchased the three thousand acres of the area that is now the centre of Auckland City”