Rendells Dept Store: The Clients

The clients

John Rendell


John Rendell was born at Whitchurch Canonicorum, Dorset, England in 1840 He died on November the 13th 1938 and was buried at Purewa on the 15th.

Emily Rendell

Emily Sellers

(1840 -1926)

Born in Axminster, England in Sept 1840,

Died 4th August 1928

Buried 6th of August at Purewa Cemetery

Their children

Emily Rendell

B. 1867, Brighton, England

Died. Oct 1962, Auckland

John Robert Rendell

B. 1871, Brighton,England

Died. 8 May 1945


Alice Paterson Hodge


Marjory Leila Rendell

Harold Keymer Rendell

Mary Winifred Rendell

Gertrude Rendell

Born. 20 Jun 1872, Brighton, England.

In 1925 Gertrude married Edward Le Roy.

Amelia (Annie) Rendell

Born 1875


9 march 1890

Captain Alexander Robinson of Glengarry County Antrim


Selwyn Robinson

Allan Robinson

Norman Robinson

Mavis Robinson

Alice Rendell

Born. 1876, Brighton.

Died. Jun 1966, Auckland

Edith Rendell

Born. 1877, Brighton.

Died. Jul 1958, Auckland

Ruth Rendell

Born. 1879, Brighton.

Died. Sep 1969, Auckland

Amelia (Daisy) Rendell

Born. 1882, Auckland

Died. Sep 1965, Auckland

Frank Lambert Rendell

Born. 12 Apr 1883, Raglan, New Zealand

Died. 1970, Auckland


Alice Augustus Champion

Born. 9 Aug 1885.

Died. Sep 1965, Auckland,


Nancy Alfra Rendell

Owen Stanmer Rendell

Dorothy Lois Rendell

David Chester Rendell

Josephine Frances Rendell