Symonds Street Cemetery: Thomas Henderson

Thomas Henderson (1810-1886)

Entrepreneur Member of the Auckland Povincial Council 1855-57

MP 1855-60, 1867-68 1871-1878 Member of the Legislative Council 1878-1886

Amongst many other concerns Henderson owned a Timber Mill in west Auckland.

The area became known as “Henderson’s Mill” and eventually developed into the town and the suburb of Henderson.

With his brother-in-law John Macfarlane, he formed the firm of Henderson and Macfarlane.

Henderson served as MP in the Auckland Provincal Council from 1855 until 1874. In 1861-2 he was Minister without Portfolio during the Fox Administration.

On the 25th of July 1878 Thomas Henderson was appointed by the Prime Minster George Grey to the Legislative Council, New Zealand’s Upper House.

This meant spending more time in Welligton and it was there on 19 June 1886 that he suffered a paralytic stroke and died.

He and his wife Catherine Macfarlane (1811–1867) are buried in the Presbytarian section near the Greer Twiss fountain.