Grafton Bridge: William Anderson

Designer of the 1st GRAFTON BRIDGE

**William Anderson



Born in Ayra, Scotland in 1834, Anderson arrived in Auckland on February the 7th 1863.

William Anderson served in the militia for a year in the mid 1860s and fought in the Land Wars against Maori.

On the 2nd of February, 1864, he was made Foreman of Works by the Auckland City Board of Commissioners

During the next three decades he helped shape and develop the fast-growing city.

Under the new Auckland City Council of 1871 he was appointed City Engineer.

William had friends in many places and his retirement – apparently forced upon him and other veteran council employees in 1899, was controversial.

“In the opinion of many people competent to judge, he should have remained city engineer to the day of his death”

He died suddenly during a church service at St David’s Presbytarian Church on Khyber Pass on Sunday the 12th of June 1904.

Anderson was a prominent Freemason and is buried at Waikumete Cemetery.

“Mr Anderson was a very capable engineer,” wrote one journalist shortly after William’s demise.

A “love of Auckland was one of his most prominent characteristics.”