Grafton Bridge: Willian Arthur Robertson

Willian Arthur, The Builder of the 3rd Grafton Bridge.

Willian Arthur Robertson


General Manager the Ferro-Concrete Company of Australasia

Robertson was from Melbourne and he and R F Moore were in Auckland as early as 1903 to scout out opportunites for projects involving Ferro-concrete.

Robertson was manager of the Ferro-Concrete Company which had been in existance since at least 1902. It was apparently a subsidery of the British company L.G. Mouchel (later L.G. Mouchel & Partners.

The Ferro-Concrete Company of Australasia was involved in many major projects in various locations including Queensland and Tonga.

The Company won the tender process for Grafton Bridge in 1907 and was involved in its construction from 1908 to 1909 when it had to declare bankruptcy.

The company’s final meeting of shareholders occurred in 1911.

Significantly Robertson was included in the Opening Ceremony making one of the three speeches.

His career after the Grafton Bridge project isn’t clear - he may have served in the Australian Forces in the First War.

Robertson died on Oct 4th 1954 and was buried at Blakiston, South Australia.

He was survived by his wife - m. april 25 1914

Marjorie Mary Compson Daw (1886-1973)

and two sons;

Alfred Bentley 1919-2007

Robert Lewin