KBA Info: Characters of K' Road

Characters of K' Road

Raymond Hawthorne, ONZM. (September 2018)

Our monthly newsletters have a regular feature called Character of K' Road where we talk to some of our well-known and treasured people of the precinct. Below are links to previous interviews.

September 2018: Raymond Hawthorne, ONZM - Theatre Corporate founder

July 2018: Olinda Woodroffe - Woodroffe Lawyers

May 2018: Jimmy D - Fashion Designer

April 2018: Pablo Arrasco Paz - Madam George Restaurant

March 2018: Angie Siew - Co Owner of Sri Pinang

January/February 2018: Stella Moughan/Callisto - Performer and Events Manager

December 2017: Manu from Merge Cafe

November 2017: Alison Reid - Search & Destroy, and the Cross St Market