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Information for KBA Businesses

Unite against COVID-19. The NZ Government has set up a website for all, up-to-date information.

Visit covid19.govt.nz

Information and Support Directory for KBA members HERE

If you are a Karangahape Business looking for advice, contact the Karangahape Road Business Association office: 

PH 021 337 508

EMAIL business@kroad.com

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16th April: Retail NZ Advice for Retailers during Alert 3

21st April: Basic operational guide for business sectors during Alert 3 from Auckland Business Chamber

  • Monday 6th April 2020 - Notice to KBA businesses that includes the Information Directory HERE

  • Wednesday 25th March 2020 - Notice to KBA businesses about shutdown during Alert 4 HERE

  • Tuesday 24th March 2020 - Notice to KBA businesses HERE


Covid-19: What you need to know factsheet in English

Covid-19: What you need to know factsheet in Te Reo Māori

Covid-19: What you need to know factsheet in Chinese

Further factsheet translations HERE

Health and Welfare: Where to go for help and information HERE

COVID-19 Wage Subsidy Application Form from WINZ HERE

COVID-19 Response Funding for Not-For-Profits information HERE

COVID-19 phone support for businesses from Business NZ : Auckland 0800 300 362 (upper North Island: EMA)

Retail NZ advice and links to government support HERE

Information and support for creatives from Creative New Zealand HERE

Auckland Business Chamber updates HERE 

Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) information HERE 

  • Monday 23rd March 2020 - Level 3 to 4 Alert @ Karangahape Road

    As you will all know by now, the government is evolving from Level 3 to Level 4 over the next few days.

    The KBA is exploring ways to support you. We have started steps to make sure the appropriate level of security is in place and referred you to information about subsidies and benefits.

    Central government is clearly leading the response to fight the virus and we have not yet heard what services or possibilities Auckland Council could contribute. When we hear anything, you will be the first to know. We have already spoken to our local board about rates relief for member businesses.

    We undertake to:
  • Communicate with you as soon as information comes our way that is relevant
  • Keep calm and be professional.
  • Our role is to support your business and help business development on the street.
  • Work with members to demonstrate different peoples approaches and share these with you so you can take your own action.


You will continue to see a security presence on the streets, either walking or driving around the streets. Security is seen as an ‘essential service’. The role will evolve to include ensuring your properties are as secure as they can be. We are also arranging night-time security services, seven nights a week to protect your interests in the area.

We look forward to things getting back to normal.

If you have any questions, please contact us here and we will attempt to find answers.

Michael Richardson
KBA Manager
021 337 508

Visit covid19.govt.nz

17th March 2020

Due to economic turbulence from COVID-19 affecting national and local economies, we have put together an important reference pack leading you to places to find business support.

If your business or community group is in any way affected, this information is very important for you.  

Where to find help
What can you do if COVID-19 impacts your business financially? Below are some places to seek support:

  1. The Ministry of Social Development (MSD) have hardship grants for businesses and individuals affected by the virus. 

    Flyer Help with essential costs from MSD
    Contact MSD directly.

  2. Some banks have offered support such as an overdraft facility, suspension of principal loan payments for up to three months, and deferred payment on business credit cards for up to three months
  3. The IRD is offering tax relief and income assistance to people affected by the downturn in business.
  4. In addition there are a number of government sources providing guidance and support to the public as part of the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  5. Also you can go directly to business.govt.nz for assistance and support and information.
  6. For the NZ government's recovery package announcement on 17th March 2020 visit Radio NZ HERE

    If you’re finding this all confusing, come and have a chat to us and we can direct you to the best place to find support.

Our recommendation is - as always - to draw on the qualities that Karangahape Road businesses are known for. Be the best you can be, stay aware, exercise resilience and if you need support don’t hesitate to access the recommended support above or come to us to have a chat.

Michael Richardson
The Karangahape Road Business Association
Ph 021 377 508

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