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Virtual walk through of the Karangahape Station including Beresford exit.

This recent “walk-through" has now been updated to show you what the exit to Beresford Square could also look like now that an entrance there has been considered by the Government and Auckland Council.

This new Karangahape Station will be 32 metres deep and has 150m long platforms. The underground platforms at the Mercury lane entrance go as far as Beresford Square. You can read more about it and the design features and see walk-throughs of the other new stations from the CRL website HERE

The start of the main construction in the area is not expected before late 2019 and the CRL should be finished around March 2024.

Here is a website page specifically set up by the CRL to keep K' Road businesses and residents informed of the latest developments in the project: Karangahape Station Works

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