KBA Newsletter December 2018: A chat with new K' Road Businesses

A Chat with New k' Road Businesses

Chocolate baklava, Turkish bread, hoppers, glazed donut burgers and poke poke bowls – it’s all innovative and delicious food. We find out what three new food places - Sneaky Snacky, Poke Poke, Revolver Cafe, and Zeki’s Bakery and Coffeehouse – offer and why they have opened shop in K’ Road.

- Image from Poke Poke Facebook Page

K’ Road 309 Food Workshop

How long have you been at the new K' Road location?

We been on K’ Road since October this year.

What does your business offer? Do you have a signature dish?

We specialize in Hawaiian style Poke bowls with added Japanese elements. We prepare and season every element separately in a unique way so the flavours harmonise with one another no matter what you add into your bowl.  Our signature dish is "build your own Poke bowl". Offering the freedom to choose what goes into your bowl means we can cater to wide variety of special diets.

What is Poke Poke's unique point of difference?   

We only use the best fish available, caught in a responsible and sustainable way. Our salads are processed within the same day the ingredients left the ground of the farm. We preserve the natural sweetness and flavour and nutrition of the proteins through a minimal cooking process.

What made you decide to open in K' Road?

Our first shop was in Takapuna but we always wanted a location on this side of the bridge. We've always liked K’ Road's vibrant community and 309 Food Workshop seemed the perfect place because our fresh food concept fits within the food workshop theme.  

What inspired the creation of Poke Poke?  

The founder Jack is a pharmacist. At a conference in Hawaii he came across a local dish, ‘poke’. Jack thought the concept was great and tasted amazing but the quality of the salmon was not comparable to New Zealand.  Jack came back from Hawaii and drew on his passion for Japanese cuisine and knowledge in natural health to create the Poke Poke.

What are you enjoying most about being in K’ Road?

The people to people interaction and the overall vibe of K’ Road is amazing. We love being part of a local community that is helpful and friendly. We’re looking forward to all the performances and events in the upcoming months that will make K’ Road even more alive.

- Image from Sneaky Snacky Facebook Page

Lim chhour Food Court, 184 K’ Road

What is Sneaky Snacky and what do you offer?

We offer American style food that is not junk. Our signature dish, Sneaky Snacky’s Original Glazed Donut, is a homemade doughnut burger, that is a simple sugar glazed and fluffy doughnut cut in half. The fresh doughnut is filled with a premium wagyu beef patty, kimchi fritters for the crunch, and Korean flavour and spice. For good measure there's also a good old slice of ooey-gooey melted American cheese.

What is Sneaky Snacky’s unique point of difference?

We don’t want to just sell food. We would like our customers to understand and enjoy Asian culture, especially 80’s culture.

Explain this more?

The Sneaky Snacky concept leans heavily on 80’s culture, spotlighting 'vaporwave' meme, video art and music from Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. In our new space at Lim Chhour it will be far easier to create new dishes under our kitschy Asian-inspired street food banner. 

Your backgrounds?

I’m June from Seoul where I was graphic designer and art exhibition technician. My mate Min Seok Kang is from Busan and was a promoter and party planner. Here he was senior chef at the Sugar Club. We always said, when we open our shop, it’s gonna be in K’ Road because we think it is the most coolest street in town.

- Image from Zeki's Facebook Page

ZEKI’S BAKERY AND COFFEEHOUSE (talking with manager Andy Ozbal)

533 K’ Road

What does Zeki’s Bakery and Coffeehouse offer?

We offer Mediterranean food, mainly Turkish. Our traditional Turkish bread is made in a wood-fired oven in Henderson so it is all made locally and daily. Zeki’s Bakery has been in business for 20 years, but until recently we were selling wholesale only to cafes, restaurants and hotels in Auckland, Rotorua, Tauranga, Hamilton and Palmerston North.

We opened our first café last year in Henderson. Our kitchen and oven has always been based in Henderson at the end of Railside Ave but we opened a café in a more central location.

How long have you been in K’ Road?

We opened here early October.  Everything we sell, including the chocolate baklava, is made by us except the Turkish Delight – we import that from Turkey.

Why K’ Road?

I was looking for a small shop because we didn’t need a kitchen space. I saw this space advertised and liked how it was central with busy foot traffic. K’ Road is one of the bigger city streets. I thought we could do well here as we can target the foot traffic to Ponsonby Road and to the central city.   

Where else do you sell your bread?

Farmers markets in Oratia, Hobsonville, Clevedon - and more recently Grey Lynn.

What is your involvement in Zeki’s?

My Dad came to New Zealand in 2001 and became a partner and shareholder with the Zeki’s founder in 2006. I joined because I wanted to be part of a family business. I started as a sales person looking for new customers. I was able to build up the farmer market side and now the café side. I’m here to help grow the business further.

- Andy, Barista from Revolver Cafe. Image from Facebook Page.

St Kevins Arcade, 183 K’ Rd

The latest new food place in St Kevin’s Arcade is Revolver, set up by Oli Bradford who was previously working at Bestie and Gemmayze Street.

Influenced by the cooking of his Sri Lankan mum, Oli offers a variety of traditional vegetarian street food - and strong, Havana deluxe blend coffee. Read more… HERE

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