KBA Newsletter December 2018: First Thursdays Brings in Crowds

First Thursdays brings in Crowds

First Thursdays was a huge success, attracting three times the normal amount of Thursday visitors and over 700 more people than the 2017 December First Thursdays.

We lucked in with a fantastic evening. Although the weather was a bit temperamental earlier in the day, the sun came out, the wind settled down and the people turned up! The party went into the night as people ate, drank, shopped, danced, and laughed all along K’ Road.  Official foot traffic numbers show that 9,638 people turned up.

Street activations included roving Christmas Queens from Caluzzi giving out candy canes and condoms, Christmas markets in The Cross Street Market, St Kevins Arcade and George Court, an art fair in Blackboard Cafe, live theatre from Upu Mai Whetu, Spoken Word from Tourettes in West Terrace, roaming dancers, Qweird drag queens and musicians, pop up shops, street games and prizes - as well as all the great stuff K’ Road businesses put on too! Phew! It really was quite the celebration of our diverse community.

Thank you to everyone involved. It was so great to see all the smiling and friendly faces of our community out and about.

Following up on an earlier email, if you have any feedback about the evening please submit it HERE. We really would love to hear from you about how to make it bigger and better.

For more photos from the night, visit the website album HERE.

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