KBA Newsletter December 2018: Help Keep Street Businesses Safe

Help keep Street Businesses Safe

Are you tired of trying to deal with repeat “offenders” coming into your business and causing trouble?

Storewatch is a new crime prevention and communication network  helping us warn other retailers and street front businesses when a problematic individual is active.

Set up in September by the KBA, in conjunction with the NZ Police, there are now over 30 K’ Road businesses signed up with more joining every week.  

A couple of weeks ago the KBA organised a meeting with NZ Police and K’ Road business owners so owners could ask questions and discuss how best to deal with repeat “offenders”.

Main advice offered by NZ Police :

Shayla Bernardes is our local Constable and she is happy to be contacted about any concerns or to offer advice on your situation. .


021 191 9641

09 945 8267

To join the KBA Storewatch just ...
  1. Email storewatch@kroad.com with your business name and address

  2. You will then be included in the group email system Storewatch and will receive a Storewatch information pack.

  3. When you see something you think would be helpful for other K’ Road businesses to know about, email storewatch@kroad.com and provide as much detail as you can about the situation.

  4. The administrator of the KBA Storewatch account (in this case, KBA comms, Lauren Kumerich) will receive your email, possibly edit it to remove any details that may breach the privacy laws, and then forward it onto the Storewatch network via blind cc. (Bcc) email.

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