KBA Newsletter December 2018: Karanga Chur!

Karanga Chur!

Tis’ the season to think of others and make a difference, just because you can! 

Karanga Ink is still running its“Give a little chur!” campaign at George Courts foyer where they are inviting the community of K’ Road and others to join in the festive ‘’chur” and donate gifts to families in need of Christmas Chur. The campaign will run until this Saturday 22 December, 3pm.

Gifts for all ages are needed. Please put a note on the package about the gender and age range of the wrapped present. Karanga Ink are encouraging preloved/uprecycled, recycled gifts or educational and practical gifts such as shoes, books, drawing materials, learning activities – anything is graciously accepted! Food donations are also very welcome.

Pip Hartley from Karanga Ink says they’ve been “stoked” with how many people have donated gifts. Karanga Ink set up the campaign because they feel everyone deserves a bit of Christmas chur and it's the little things that can make a difference, says Pip. “The response has been amazing – we wish we could thank you all individually. The generosity of the community is heart warming. We can only do what we can and we think it's a great lesson for kids to think about other kids less fortunate. It's a great reminder to people that giving feels so good!”  

When the Give a Little Chur campaign ends on Saturday 3pm, Pip will be gathering up the gifts and taking them to Women’s Refuge to distribute to families in need.

So get on your sleigh and come get amongst Christmas chur vibes!

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