KBA Newsletter December 2018: Spending Up and Stronger Than Competitors

Spending up and Stronger than Competitors

Spending was up along K’ Road for the quarter ending 30 September, according to the latest MarketView quarterly report. The average transactions have increased 2.8% to $33.91 and are of higher value than over the same quarter last year. Read more about customer transactions, customer origin and our competitors.

Customer spend

Spending in the area is up by 2.1% to $43.3M [July – September 2017 quarter $42.4M]. Our best week for the September 2018 quarter was the week ending 26 August 2018. For the Auckland region, spend was up 3.3% over the quarter ending September 2018.

Customer origin

Customers are coming to K Road from all over. Sales for the last quarter are from

Category spend

The category with the highest change of spending between this quarter and the same quarter last year was Fuel & Automotive [16.7% increase].  The categories of store type that saw the highest spending for this quarter were

Comparison with competitors

KBA compares its results with several other areas. K’ Road spending was up 2.1% ($43.3m) over the three months. Heart of the City and Grey Lynn also had increases but Ponsonby was down slightly.   

Transaction numbers were down 2.7% on average across competitors, with K’ Road’s transactions dropping only .7% compared to Grey Lynn dropping 3.6% and Heart of the City dropping 3%.  

The good news is the value of transactions rose by 2% across the areas. K’ Road again did well, being up 2.8%.

MarketView report

KBA receives a report from MarketView detailing electronic card transactions made via the Paymark network for the Karangahape Road business area every quarter.  

Read the full MarketView quarterly report for 30 September 2018  HERE

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