KBA Newsletter December 2018: Thoughts from the KBA Office

Thoughts from the KBA Office

As politics can put a lot of people off their Christmas dinner, let’s avoid that topic and talk instead about the people who make a contribution in K’ Road. I have never worked in a community as capable, innovative and successful in their businesses or as linked into supporting community members on the margins or facing disadvantage.

Look for example at the amazing people of the George Courts community’s Give a Little Chur that we can all support by putting a gift under the Christmas tree in the George Courts foyer. The gifts will go to United Aotearoa who will distribute them to their networks for people who will otherwise not receive a Christmas present.

Other places that are well supported by K’ Road and might benefit further from a helping hand this week are -

Feel free to drop off presents or donations to these wonderful community organisations in the K’ Road area. 

Looking ahead to 2019, our latest Market View report has shown a positive increase of over 2% in business in K’ Road over the last quarter so business is steadily improving. However, if your business is likely to be affected by the street upgrade, our recommendation is to plan with prudence for the 2 to 4 months that the upgrade construction work is outside your business frontage.  This could be a challenge at times, but we will work hard to minimise the disruption by running events to keep K’ Road in the public’s mind and help to ensure businesses are well signposted and hoardings are attractive and informative over the period.  

As long as we stay unique, we know the future of K’ Road is positive. So stay unique, stay optimistic and be your best self. 

On behalf of the KBA Committee and KBA team we want to thank you for your enthusiasm towards K’ Road, your innovation, your hard work and the x factor that you provide to make K’ Road a special place. We thank you for your participation in the KBA events, interest in the newsletters, feedback and yes especially your suggestions and for being you! K’ Road is special, and it is all because of you. 

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you after January 7 when our office opens again.  Have a happy and safe holiday and a wonderful New Year!


Michael Richardson

Manager, The Karangahape Road Business Association

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