KBA Newsletter November 2018: Extended Trading Hours for Retail

Extended Trading Hours for Retail

As summer approaches, Aucklanders are keen to get out and eat, drink and shop into the evenings and over the weekends, particularly Sunday. Let's show Auckland that K' Road is open for business and has plenty to offer in retail as well as entertainment.

With K' Road a short walk, cycle or bus ride away from many central city suburbs, we're in an ideal position to encourage Aucklanders to come to K' Road over the weekend, particularly over December.

The KBA is running a 94 ad campaign on BFM, Base FM and KFm encouraging Aucklanders to do just that.

“This is an exciting big push for retail, getting Aucklanders to think of all the innovative and unique Christmas gifts they can find along K' Road" says KBA manager, Michael Richardson.

The radio ad campaign is the first phase of a extended hours trading plan for the area. The second phase – January to March – involves a campaign encouraging people to think of K' Road as a great place to hang out on a Sunday. The third phase from March onward will reiterate the messages that K' Road is open for business and has plenty to offer.

Late night Thursdays

Thursday night shopping is another change that the KBA is keen to encourage. We support St Kevin's Arcade's decision to open later - until 8pm – on Thursday nights until Christmas and encourage other businesses to do the same.

St Kevin's Arcade's Adam Stevenson says there is less competition for shoppers on Thursday evenings.

“We're not battling after work drinks on Friday or the sporadic decision making that occurs for Saturday night entertainment. Thursday night allows K' Road to own the top of mind position for people who want something a little bit different, with culture, art, entertainment and of course the best food," he explains.

Adam says there are already regular Thursday evening gallery openings along K' Road so there is a built-in ability for the whole street to come to life in true K Road fashion, around the arts and creative community.

Additionally, with the growth of online stores and extended hours in mainstream stores and malls, people are really able to shop whenever they choose... but K'Road has always had goods and services that are different to what is usually available to purchase in those places. St Kevin's is committed to providing all we can to make Late Night Thursdays a big deal on K Road and would love for other businesses to join us."

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