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Karangahape Road Security and Safety Review


June 2020 //

The KBA has received feedback from businesses and the public about the current state of street safety and security.

This is your chance to give feedback on what future security and safety in the Karangahape Precinct should look like.

The survey takes around 10 mins and closes on Friday 26th June 2020. Take the survey HERE>

KBA Storewatch

Crime Prevention on Karangahape Road

KBA StoreWatch is an email communication network between Karangahape Road businesses, the NZ Police, and the Karangahape Road Business Association (KBA). Together we work to prevent retail theft and manage anti-social behaviour in the area. Critical information about shoplifting, theft, suspicious persons or behaviour, and threatening or anti-social behaviour, is shared via email between members. It is an early warning tool and has created a sense of community between KBA StoreWatch members.

StoreWatch is free for all businesses to participate in.

By joining the KBA StoreWatch email network you can expect:

  • Regular email alerts with photo IDs attached from the NZ police about active offenders or known people operating in your area
  • Emails from other businesses in the network about active offenders operating in your area
  • Shared photos and videos of active offenders in your area so you can keep an eye out and report to police to prevent further offending
  • Helpful resources and knowledge from the NZ police on how to prevent or report crime
  • Information on why reporting crime is important in informing crime prevention strategy
  • Invitations to regular community meetings with KBA StoreWatch network members and the NZ police where you will have the opportunity to discuss current crime related issues your business is facing
  • Opportunities to learn skills on how to manage problematic behaviour in a safe, successful, and empathetic manner
  • Opportunities to problem solve collectively and generate community lead crime prevention initiatives that are supported by the Karangahape Road Business Association and the NZ Police. (Eg. Joining the Karangahape Business Owners WhatsApp group) 

Register your business with the KBA StoreWatch crime prevention network HERE

Link to online NZ Police reporting info HERE

Resource documents

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